Scientific Committee

Marielle Adrian (University of Bourgogne)
Philippe Darriet (ISVV, Bordeaux)
Paola Domizio (University of Firenze)
Andreas Doulis (ELGO-Dimitra)
Antonis Kafatos (University of Crete, Heraklion)
Giorgos Kotseridis (Agricultural University of Athens)
Georgios Koubouris (ELGO-Dimitra)
Apostolos Papadopoulos (Harokopio University, Athens)
Thierry Lacombe (INRA, Montpellier)
Felipe Laurie (University of Talca, Chili)
Joël de Leiris (NMS)
Eleni Melliou (University of Athens)
Jean-Robert Pitte (Academy of Morals Sciences and Politics, President of the French Mission for Inheritage and Food Culture)
Hans Reiner Schulz (University of Geisenheim, Germany)
Serge Wolikow (University of Bourgogne)